Selling Candela Lasers

We prefer Candela laser devices due to their reliability, reputation in the market and serviceability. Candela is the leader in laser hair removal and their technology and laser devices have stood the test of time. The Mini and Pro series are the most popular, with parts and servicing options still readily available.

Our process for purchasing Candela devices is simple and transparent. Simply let us know that you’re looking at selling your device and one of our team will be in touch for a no-obligation consultation. Next, we’ll offer you an estimate on price and if you’re happy, we (or one of our representatives) will complete an in-person inspection of the machine.

We can either pay you directly, set up an escrow payment or partial payments. Whichever is better for you.

Contact us today.

We Buy Lasers

Laser Market is a small community of clinic owners and technicians who became tired of buying second hand lasers through brokers.

When purchasing through a broker, costs increased due to the margin added on by the ‘middle man.’ Sometimes these costs would skyrocket as greedy brokers saw opportunities to make a killing from both the buyer and the seller. We paid more, and the seller didn’t see any of it.


So, we all got together and decided to pool our resources. You see, we’re always looking for a chance to grow our practices. This means we look at the cost of the machine, how long it would take for the device to pay itself back, and how much an average, similar device is priced on the open market.


We can offer you a fair price faster because it’s our money and we love these machines.

Get in touch with us today. Even for a friendly chat.

Sell Laser Hair Removal Machines

LaserMarket is a group of private beauty industry investors and entrepreneurs. Because we purchase machines directly, we can offer a simple, fast process. That means money in your account faster, without risk

We have multiple payment options, including trusts and direct payment. If you would like to talk to someone about selling your device, contact us today –

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